Top 10 Things Locals Love Doing In Greenville

Dated: 10/26/2016

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Top 10 Things that Locals Love Doing and Recommending Tourists at Greenville SC

When traveling, there is no better way of learning what things are best done at a certain place than talking with locals. There are some travelers who prefer exploring a certain place they visit on their own while there are also those who want to know more about the place. One of the great places to visit in South Carolina is Greenville SC. There are a lot of good words spreading about the great food, amazing spots to explore and other things that make one’s experience in the place more interesting.

1. Buy your favorite ice cream flavor from Spill The Beans and enjoy it while walking around Falls Park.

This is among the favorite things that many locals in Greenville SC love doing. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor from the local ice cream parlor and enjoy the beautiful sceneries around Falls Park that is ideally located near the ice cream parlor.

2. Watch a Greenville Drive Baseball Game and then proceed to the West End just to hand out after the game.

If you love baseball games or just want to have the same experiences as the locals, this is one of the things that you must not miss. After watching an exciting game, you can then proceed to the West End where you can enjoy a snack or a meal at any of the restaurants in the place.

3. Enjoy a bike ride down along with some locals through the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

One of the favorite things that locals love doing at Greenville SC is taking a bike ride down the popular Swamp Rabbit trail. If you prefer enjoying your entire bike ride, you can choose to bike slower and get to spend a few hours watching locals and other tourists in the area.

4. Fall is a great time for experiencing some tailgating and watching a game or two of football.

If you happen to spend some time in Greenville SC and know some Greenvillians, you are sure to be invited by some locals for some tailgating right after watching a football game live. It wouldn’t be considered “The South’s Best Tailgate” for nothing, so you should try it out and know why locals love doing it and are even recommending it. Carolina Ale House and ink n' Ivy are great spots for catching your favorite game.

5. Do some club and bar hopping downtown.

Going out while staying in Greenville SC will never be boring as there are a lot of great choices of clubs and bars that you can try visiting along the Main Street. Nightlife in a certain location will make you feel like the entire evening is not enough to enjoy one bar or club after the other. Grabbing a car just to bar hop should not worry you since you can just walk around downtown and visit several bars in a few hours.

6. Outdoor adventure or having some time with nature is always possible.

If you are a nature-lover and are visiting Greenville SC, lucky for you since Greenville is just at the Blue Ridge Mountains foothills. Since its close proximity, locals love taking advantage of enjoying all possible outdoor activities in the area. Some of the highly recommended outdoor activities in the place are tubing, hiking, white water rafting and kayaking. If you are not really into these activities, you can enjoy some alone time with nature as there are outlooks around the mountainside that are accessible for anyone. You can appreciate the scenic views in the place without the need to get dirty.

7. Spend Sundays eating delicious Southern meals after going to church.

It is a part of the southern culture to enjoy a scrumptious meal after going to church on Sundays. For those who are new in Greenville, locals would encourage you to experience what it’s like to live like a Southerner and this is among the few things you should try. You may not be a religious person, but finding some locals and turn them as your friends will make you understand the importance of this tradition. Soby's puts out a great spread for brunch. 

8. Summers are not boring as there are a lot of outdoor concerts happening in the place.

Greenville SC is not only known for being a beautiful downtown but is also known for a lot of fun activities throughout the year. This already includes a lot of outdoor concerts that the town hosts every week. If you are one of those travelers who like spending time with music lovers from a place you visit, summer is the best time to visit the place. There are outdoor concerts on Wednesdays through Fridays that most locals don’t want to miss.

9. Watching old movies outdoors at the Falls Park

Among the typical activities that you shouldn’t miss experiencing in the place is watching some popular old movies outdoors. You can do this along with some friends you made while staying in Greenville SC or with your partner if you tend traveling with your love one. The movies shown are at random but most people are interested enjoying the experience with others who also enjoy such times under the stars.

10, Enjoy a local dinner at any popular downtown restaurants and watch a show at Peace Center

Peace Center always has a great show running and as much as locals love music shows, there are also those who like catching a show at Peace Center after a sumptuous dinner from any of the popular restaurants downtown. Larkins on the River, Rick Erwins West End Grill and Sobys offer 3 course show menus. 

With all of these things in mind, you can find lot of reasons why you should consider getting the best out of your visit in Greenville SC. These are also the reasons why many love visiting the place and why there are a lot of travelers recommend Greenville, not only for the welcoming and friendly locals, but also for the great activities known around the South. As you talk to locals, you will undoubtedly get the same answers and even more than this list. Just use this as your guide when visiting Greenville SC and most importantly, enjoy your stay!

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