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Nobody in the world sells more luxury real estate than RE/MAX®
RE/MAX associates have consistently outperformed the closest competitor almost two to one in the luxury market. 
Through the years, billions of dollars have been invested in promoting the RE/MAX brand.  Consumers learn about the value of RE/MAX, and you, through extensive ad campaigns.  RE/MAX uses the most effective marketing campaigns ever created.  Additionally, the ad campaigns serve another, yet equally important purpose: Every RE/MAX ad drives consumers to our listings at, and  On average, delivers more than 4,000 leads & inquiries to RE/MAX associates every day. 
RE/MAX sells more international homes in three weeks than Sotheby's does in one year.  RE/MAX also boasts the most recognizable real estate logo on the planet.  From Switzerland to St. Croix, New York to New Zealand, distinguished customers associate RE/MAX with the BEST brokers in the business. 

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The luxury real estate market has changed. Luxury doesn’t sell itself, and in fact, the word “luxury” has become so ambiguous, that its meaning has also changed. The buyers are different. The sellers are different. Today, it takes much more to reach and understand the modern buyer and seller. When it comes to the luxury market, we assume nothing. Assumptions can be wrong and ineffective.


The Damian Hall Group also offers something that other real estate companies don’t traditionally: a real, well-informed strategy for connecting with buyers intelligently, and a straight-forward truthful approach. We won’t just tell you what you want to hear. We will give you our honest expert opinion on how to go to market competitively. Our approach is a more modern, active approach to luxury marketing based on sound strategies. One that responds to a transforming market, and one that is more designed for efficiency and success.


We can generate greater exposure for your property -- from local, regional and national markets, to the rapidly growing international market. A property of your stature needs this spotlight and venue, one that a local firm simply cannot provide. 


My goal is to promote our exclusive properties through customized and innovative marketing plans. We give your property a brand and then create a marketing campaign for it. Mediums include web, print, outdoor, direct mail, video, e-based marketing, social marketing, blogging, magazine publishing of Home by Design Magazine, and much more. Below are a few other tools we use to get you exposure...

  • Targeted Launch Party & Mega Open House: We like to make a splash.
  • VideosAre the way of the future. In addition to the photographer, we hire a film crew to create and edit top quality content for exclusive property tours.
  • Creative Design: Creative display advertising, property postcards, web ads, brochures & print ads are just a sampling of what is produced to gain our listings the best exposure.
  • RE/MAX Collection: Inclusion into our exclusive international program. Properties are showcased on the Collection website and published in the Collection Magazine that is mailed to targeted mailing lists and distributed globally. 

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience to show how

we can open your doors to a new level of marketing for luxury homes. 

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